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I see you over there. 

Hustling to hold it together. On the outside.

Pushing. Proving. Pleasing. Rushing. Racing. Achieving.

Believing if you just try hard enough, you will *finally* find peace and serenity on the inside. 

I see you.

With so much on your plate. And even more on your mind. Feeling the expectations that you’re supposed to somehow do + be all.the.things. To everyone.

Trapped underneath the weight of it all.

And no matter what you achieve or what to-do’s get done, you’re still left feeling like it’s not enough. Like you’re not enough.

In the quiet moments alone with yourself, you wonder: Who am I? Is this really it?

Underneath it all,

The real you.  

Afraid to be seen, wondering how everyone else has it all figured out.

Believing ‘balance’ is bullshit.


Overdrive is your autopilot. 

It’s all you’ve know. 

And, it’s brought you success in many different forms. 

But here's the thing...you're ready for more.

You're ready to quiet the noise and release the toxic talk inside your mind.

Ready to slow down, but terrified that if you do, your world will crumble.

Terrified of the judgement. Of falling short. Of failing. 

You’re ready to feel fulfilled.

You're ready to be seen and set free.  


And being seen. All of you?

It's overwhelming. 

I know. I've been there. 

I know what it feels like, and am here to tell you that there is a world that exists in between the all-in and not-in. There’s a place where you can stand in your truth and be unapologetically you. A place where you feel fully alive as you walk toward your dreams. A place free from shoulds and have-tos

I know this because I'm living in it. 


I’ve always been a girl with BIG DREAMS and the courage to go after them.  

At 8, I started chasing a goal to be the best in the world.  

Ten years later, I stood atop the Olympic podium with a gold medal around my neck. 

I was so focused on achieving my dreams – so focused on the next step, the next goal that I missed the opportunity to fully appreciate what was happening right in front of me.  

Standing atop the podium, I felt deep joy.  


Momentary joy... 

That medal changed my world. 

And it may not be how you think. 

Who am I in this world?

Who am I underneath all of this?

Who should I be?  

After nearly losing our baby girl, my world was cracked wide open.  

Every ounce of my being was rocked to the core –
realizing at the deepest level that this is it. 


No matter how hard I tried to control the outside, it didn't protect me from the intense pain I felt inside...It didn't keep me safe. 

There was nowhere I could push harder. Or do more.   

I surrendered.  And. Vowed to keep my head up. 

This is our one life.  We have a choice. 

To show up and be seen ~ fully ~ to experience all of life.

To lift our head, soak in all the moments and live a life in full color.

Or we can choose to stay protected, hidden beneath our representatives, bullied by the toxic talk, buried by how we think we should be.

What is it really protecting us from?  

Stepping off the treadmill allowed me to plant my feet firmly on the ground in a world where big dreams coexist alongside self-love, acceptance, compassion and grace.  

Through the pain – my roots grew deeper.  

I experienced a depth of freedom, balance and lasting joy that I didn't know were possible. 


I rediscovered my inner magic. 

Along the way, I've built a thriving business as an entrepreneur, never sacrificing my WHY for my WHY.  

My family is front and center and I am living a life by design with freedom and flexibility at the core. Entrepreneurship is far from easy. And. It’s the hard worth doing. In less than 3 years, I surpassed my full-time teaching salary working from home, doing what I love - helping athletes, coaches, parents and other entrepreneurs to find, develop and strengthen their supports, skills and tools in order to positively cope with pressure, stress and other hard things.

This is the balance I didn't think was possible.  

I am going after big dreams and I get to determine the pace.       

No more rushing.  No more chasing.  No more pushing for perfect.  

Here's what I know for sure - the podium moments bring temporary joy - not inner peace and serenity.  

They don't complete us. They don't make us whole. 

True happiness comes when we stand in our truth.  When we arrive at the podium already whole.  


When we turn down the noise and throw out all the shoulds, we can hear the whispers of our inner wisdom. 

Those whispers are soul-tugging pulls.  Those whispers are magic.

And when we tune in and listen, we discover the magic that is within ourselves.  


I believe that we are capable beyond our wildest imaginations.

My soul’s work is to inspire, empower and equip others with the skills needed to step into a life that is fully their own – one that brings them freedom, balance and lasting joy on the journey to realizing their BIG DREAMS.   

I believe the hardest work we will ever do is the work we do on ourselves - underneath all the achievement, all the production, all the success.  It’s the only work that allows us to authentically step into our life. 

It's the hard that allows us to manifest deeper, lasting joy.  

You are worthy without conditions. 

And you can do hard things.

I want to help you get there.  

My hand is out. Are you ready?

Let’s do this.


Samantha Livingstone is an Olympic Gold Medalist, transformational speaker, high-performance consultant and mother of four. After a near-death experience with her then 12- month old daughter, Samantha knew it was time to pay forward all she's learned about achievement, emotional agility, rising from failure and finding happiness.

Today, Samantha helps athletes, coaches and leaders to cultivate and further develop the fundamental skills needed to become more mindful, courageous, resilient leaders so they can achieve AND feel fulfilled along the way. She holds a master's degree in education and is the founder and facilitator of the Livingstone High Performance Academy where she offers two, multi-module online courses infused with live coaching and community support.

In addition to private and group coaching, Samantha works with organizations and teams to design and implement a holistic approach to cultivating high-performance cultures that supports the growth of brave, resilient, mindful athletes. Programming includes, but is not limited to Mindful Sports Performance Enhancement (MSPE), Mental Health First Aid (certified instructor), culture building, leadership training and Athlete Wellness Initiatives. She is also a member of USA Swimming’s Women in Coaching Task Force and has been charged with the task of creating and launching a mentorship program to support the advancement of women in coaching (in progress).

Samantha earned a master’s in education and spent six years teaching science at Norcross High School and coaching high school and club swimming in Georgia. While at NHS, she served on the school-wide leadership council; co-chaired the science department; served as curriculum leader for biology teachers; and was nominated for Teacher of the Year.   

Samantha was a member of the U.S. National Team, 1999 U.S. Pan Pacific Team and 2000 U.S. Olympic Team.  As an 18-year-old, she stood atop the Olympic podium in Sydney, Australia after swimming the lead-off leg of the record-setting 4 x 200 Freestyle Relay. Post- Olympics, Samantha battled an eating disorder, depression and shoulder surgery. With the help of an amazing mentor, she rose from the rubble stronger, happier and healthier, ending her career as a 7 x NCAA All-American. To close out her career, Samantha led her teammates to the 2005 National Championship title as the co-captain of the Georgia Bulldogs.   

She was named the 2005 NCAA Georgia Woman of the Year and is a recipient of the 2005 NCAA Top VIII Award given to student- athletes for their success on the fields and courts, in the classroom and in the community. She earned the Joel Eves award at the University of Georgia for earning the highest GPA of all student-athletes in her graduating class and was named to the CoSIDA Academic All-America 1st Team.  She was a recipient of post-graduate scholarships from both the SEC and NCAA.

Samantha resides in Berkshire County, Massachusetts with her husband and four daughters. She candidly shares her battles with the inner critic, depression, perfection, PTSD and parenting as a working mother because she believes in the transformative power of story - and the strength that comes from knowing we are not alone.

You can learn more about Samantha at samanthalivingstone.com.


  1. Appeared in Sports Illustrated & Guinness Book of World Record (earning her credibility with her high school students!)

  2. Shares a gold medal with her childhood idol and 12-time Olympic Medalist, Jenny Thompson

  3. Co-captain of 2005 National Champion Georgia Bulldogs her senior year, after two 2nd place finishes (swim & dive)

  4. M.S.Ed in Secondary Science Education

  5. Awarded S.E.C. and NCAA Post-Graduate Scholarships- nerd alert ;) highest GPA of all student-athletes in her graduating class at UGA - even with ALL.THOSE.LABS! #andorganicchemistry

  6. Celebrating 11 years of marriage with her hubs this year (whoa!). Mama of 4 beautiful girls. Mama of Multiples. Mama of a Heart-Warrior.

  7. Leaps of Faith – Transferring in high school AND college to pursue BIG DREAMS and stay true to herself. Saying no to a dream job when she was pregnant with her oldest daughter – so that she could be home with her as much as possible. Stepping out of the classroom (where she was biology curriculum chair, and co-chair of science department (23 teachers) to be at home with her girls. Starting her own business – becoming a mamapreneur!

  8. Mentorship program in undergrad inspired a career change from premed to teaching!

  9. 2005 Georgia NCAA Woman of the Year; 2005 NCAA Top VIII Recipient

  10. PTSD Thriver / Mental Illness Warrior // healed from an eating disorder and have learned to positively cope with anxiety, depression, panic and perfectionism.

  11. Favorite Childhood Movie: The Cutting Edge (Obsessed!)

  12. Recovering Perfectionist, Evolved Type A, Embracing the messy middle

  13. Favorites: water, sunshine, dark chocolate, Shakeology, her at-home workouts – and workout partners, The New England Patriots, iced coffee

  14. Climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge!