The Sucks of Social Media

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I’ve been feeling the sucks of social media lately. 

The sucks of comparison.

The sucks of sadness.

The sucks of disbelief.

The sucks of anger.

The sucks of jealousy.

The sucks of frustration that I’m not where I ‘should’ be or ‘want to be.’


These past four years of growth have led me to a place of deep awareness - a true awakening. I FEEL the sucks in my body.

And now, I know what to do. 

When we get swallowed up by the sucks, the only place we land is in victimhood and helplessness - to a place where we feel trapped and less than. 

I almost deleted social apps from my phone this morning. And. I didn’t. 

Instead, I tuned in {with the gentle reminder from hubs} to the posts + people + outlets that were leaving me feeling sucked dry - totally drained and spinning in low energy. 

There are also lot of ✨AUTHENTIC✨ shares in my newsfeed - the kind that lift me up. And ENERGIZE me.

So, I unapologetically unfollowed. Releasing all that no longer serves me. Creating space for all that does. 

Because, all-or-nothing no longer runs my life.

And because, I can. So can you. 

What do you need to give yourself permission to do or not do today to show up as your most authentic self? 

Are there people or posts or things you need to say no to in order to free yourself? 

You are worthy of freedom.

And do not owe anyone an explanation. Or an apology. ✨🙏💫

Today, I’m giving myself permission to unfollow. And, permission to lean into discomfort. 💫








So much love for the amazing women + men in the I AM CHALLENGE flooding my newsfeed with COURAGE, AUTHENTICITY, and RESILIENCY.

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After I made that decision, a weight was lifted. Literally and figuratively.

The ripple effect is a powerful thing. One small choice to shift - and the rest of my day shifted too.

Our small choices matter. Choose YOU.


In January of 2018, I will be weaving together my passion and skill set to offer my first online course via The Compassion Project - bringing together a community of women and men who value growth and authenticity. Together we will cultivate the courage, compassion and connection we need to live our dreams. To bring meaning to our life in a way that sets our soul on fire. To live unapologetically free.

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Creating this platform has been on my heart for years. It's time. I hope you join me. 

For now, join me in the THE I AM CHALLENGE community space. {It's free.}


Samantha Livingstone is an Olympic Gold Medalist, transformational speaker, high performance coach and mama of four.  She inspires and empowers others to cultivate the courage, resilience and perseverance needed to let go of perfection and other limiting beliefs so they can live their dream. Samantha candidly shares her battles with her inner critic, depression, perfection, PTSD and parenting as a working mother because she believes in the transformative power of story – and the strength that comes from knowing we are not alone. She is on a mission to pay forward all that she’s learned to help others find joy and live free.  

A mama of heart warrior and mama of twins, Samantha and her husband, Rob, live in the Berkshires with their four girls.  

You can learn more about Samantha at