Are you ready to quiet the noise - and the voice that tells you all the ways you're not enough?

Are you ready to shed the weight of all the shoulds - and step into a life that is truly your own?

Are you ready to let go of the pushing + proving + pretending - and give yourself permission to make space for what matters most?

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To rise free

And I’ve got you.

I’ve woven together my experience as an Olympic Gold Medalist, classroom teacher, entrepreneur and high-performance coach to create the badass + beautiful + transformative experience that is the Rise Free Academy.

The Rise Free Academy is a eight-week online course infused with LIVE coaching AND lifetime access to video modules, customized deep dives and a private community space to connect, share, lift and support other Rise Free Warriors.

In other words, I'm going to help you learn how to get shit done and live your dreams - without sacrificing what's most sacred. Connect you to amazing women. And coach you along the way.

Throughout the process, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge, tools, skill set and mindset shifts needed to quiet the noise and unapologetically step into your light. And, you’ll learn how to open up space for inner peace - and a deeper, lasting joy.

Let's do this.


We are fiercely capable. And with time, tools, skill set, support and a willingness to do hard things — we set ourselves free to SOAR.

Life's going to throw us curveballs.

And, while we can't control all the challenges we face -

We can control how we respond.


Four years ago, all the rules of my world came crashing down when I witnessed my then 12-mo old daughter's heart stop beating. She's kicking butt now. Her heart healed - miraculously, they said. 

That moment - those weeks that turned into months of uncertainty - changed me. 

What I realized is that despite all the achieving - even the title of Olympic Gold Medalist - I wasn't fully ALIVE.

I had been living underneath perfectionist armor - armor so thick it took nearly losing my daughter to shatter it. 

And, I'm here now. No longer sending a representative out to live my life. No longer hiding the parts of me that felt broken. No longer living under the weight of all the shoulds. 

I'm awake now. And I realize more than ever that this is it.

This is our one life. 


We may never know why Mia's heart failed. We may never know why her heart healed.

And it was this reality - and staring death in the face - that forced me to reckon with and rewrite a belief that had buried me for years.

Because, there was no trying harder here. There was no trying harder that would have protect me - or my daughter - from the pain of that experience.  

I realized just how much time I wasted worrying about what others would think.

How much time I spent listening to + fighting the toxic talk inside my mind.

How many moments I missed because I was suffocating underneath all the shoulds.

All for what?  

When our worthiness is hinged to the thoughts, opinions and expectations of others, we end up depleted, resentful and feeling like nothing will ever be enough - like we are not enough.

We can spend our days stuck in our minds - sending a representative out to live our lives - just trying harder - to prove that we've got it all together. 

We can spend our time and energy beating ourselves up for all the ways we're not enough. Second guessing. Judging. And focusing on all the ways we're falling short. 


What I know now:

We can choose a new way of living.


For the first time in my life,

I feel free to be who i am.

And know that I AM ENOUGH.  

No more hiding the parts of me that felt broken. No more worrying about what others will think. No longer feeling like a fraud. No longer hyper-focused on all the ways I'm not enough

In less than a year of expanding my business, I've achieved all of my goals - and some that weren't even on my list.

Because, for the first time I am totally + completely free to be me.

It's not easy. Neither is living a life devoid of inner peace + lasting joy.

You can do this kind of hard.

I've got you. And, it's time.

To rewrite the rules of your world.

To stand confidently + unapologetically in your feet.

To come home. To you. 

It's time to Rise Free.

And, I can help.

Let's do this.

And. I get it. Investing in YOU may bring up a whole host of emotion. And all the what ifs... 

That's normal. I've got you. 

Here's the thing - you can spend your whole life trapped underneath fear. Stuck. Believing that you don't have what it takes. Wondering, what if I fail? What if my best isn't enough?

Always wondering what could have been.  


you can take the leap of faith and invest in yourself. 

Like these beautiful souls:  

“I signed up for the Rise Free Academy after becoming acquainted with Samantha through her Facebook presence. I had been on a path of self-discovery for a while, and in her postings I read the words of a kindred spirit. The thoughtful, systematic approach that Samantha takes you through in the Academy provides real tools for overcoming perfectionism by accepting the whole of who I am: mind, body and spirit. It pulls together, in a very holistic way, how my beliefs impacted my actions, and gave me truly workable skills to use in my daily life.

During our group sessions, Samantha’s ability to be vulnerable allowed me to be vulnerable also. I felt like I was talking things through with an old friend; a friend who had been there and has empathy. Because she is open with her humanity, and with her use of the ideas shared in her Rise Free Academy, I could be, too. I use aspects of the exercises daily. They have allowed me to live a more authentic life, unafraid of who I am, with the knowledge that I am worthy, without conditions.”
-Nancy R.


"Samantha is so naturally talented at bringing out the best in people. She’s a listener. She’s intuitive. She has a gift for truly understanding and for knowing just when and how much to guide, nudge, question and cheerlead.  And she really, really cares.

With Samantha’s encouragement, wisdom and passion, in two short months, I made dramatic changes in my life/work balance; and for the first time in many, many years I embarked on a project (other than the fabulousness of being a mom) that lights me up.  I realized the power, and necessity, of purpose."
-Susan S.


Pouring into and honoring YOU is the greatest gift you can give to those you love. 

You are worthy of this kind of freedom.

Let's go. 


My name is Samantha Arsenault Livingstone.

I'm the wife to my best friend, mama to 4 amazing babes, 
an Olympic gold medalist, high performance coach,
transformational speaker, forever athlete & survivor of so many things.

My soul mission is to share what I've learned along the way
and to inspire those who are ready for more.

You ready? Let's go.

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It's time to let go of all the shit that’s holding you back. 

And I'll tell you a little secret - it’s not about trying harder. You’ve got that part down.

This is about embracing help. Quieting the noise inside your mind. Expanding your skill set. Gaining clarity on what it is you really want. Stepping into the discomfort necessary to make the shifts.

And cultivating the courage and resilience to go and DO it.

You are worthy, without conditions.

And capable beyond your wildest imagination.

ARe you readY?

It's time. 

quiet the noise inside your mind

let go of your fear of what others think

learn how to set boundaries, without guilt or shame

get out from under the weight of all the shoulds

release the grip of the inner critic and get back into the driver's seat of your life

gain confidence and clarity on what it is you really want

knock out goals without sacrificing what's most sacred

feel fully free to be who you are

feel a deeper, lasting joy - and inner peace

start truly LIVING your life

  I've got you.

{this isn't work we do alone}

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It's time to give yourself permission to live a life that is truly your own. 

One where you are unapologetically free to be who you are.

And, YOU get to decide what that looks like.

rise free academy membership includes: 

Customized Content

- 8 teaching modules with my top tools + tips + strategies 

- 8 customized Deep Dive 'homework' assignments


- access to private community space to connect + collaborate

- exclusive access to guest speakers


- monthly group video coaching calls via Zoom to digest, ask questions, share and dig deeper


During our work together, you will :

  • gain clarity on where you are - and what it is you really want

  • learn how to unearth and release the beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you stuck 

  • learn how to navigate the space of feedback - and step into a new level of confidence to live authentically aligned

  • expand your toolbox and strengthen your resilience, i.e. how to release the grip of your inner critic

  • learn how to align your actions with your values + vision {aka you'll learn how to get shit done without sacrificing what's most sacred}

  • cultivate a deeper sense of compassion for yourself - and others 

  • step into expansion and freedom with support + community + world class coaching

  • give yourself permission to be who you are without sacrificing growth 

Let's do this.

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Module 1

Foundation of Self

Module 2

Cultivating Courage


Module 3

Basics of Belief


module 4

Navigating Feedback

Module 5

Control the Controllables

Module 6

Ride the Wave

Module 7

Zones of Resilience  


Module 8

Taking Aligned Action