Summer of 1992.  10 years old.  Completely awestruck by Jenny Thompson.  The now 12-time Olympic medalist started swimming in the town next to mine.  Here she was on a world stage.  Wearing an American flag on her cap.  At the Olympics.  

A spark was lit inside of me.      

Less than a year later, I met Olympian Jill Johnson after hearing her speak.  Seeing Jill in person – soaking in her words of encouragement - it was everything.   

Living proof, standing in front of me, that DREAMS COME TRUE. 

That night my spark transformed into a full-blown flame.  I left that room – autograph in hand, dream ignited – on a mission to KNOW what it would feel like to wear the Team USA gear and to stand atop the Olympic podium. 

I remember thinking – if she can do it, why can’t I? 

Summer of 2000.  18 years old.  It was my turn.  American flag on my cap.  Team USA across my chest.  At the Olympics.  In front of a record breaking crowd of 17,000+ and millions world-wide, I led off the 4 x 200 Freestyle Relay for Team USA.  On paper, Australia was supposed to crush us by over 2 seconds – on their home turf. 

But instead, we WON and broke the Olympic Record – with Jenny as our anchor.  

After 8 years of wishing upon the first star I'd see at night - dreaming about that moment - it was finally mine.  I stood atop the Olympic podium, gold medal draped around my neck.

A dream inspired and ignited by the words of a fellow Olympian – now reality. 

Summer 2016.  34 years old.  11 years retired.  Watching the Rio games with my four girls on the couch.  And there she was ~ a 3-time Olympian sharing in an interview with NBC that my words inspired her to dream bigger.   

Words are powerful. 

And. So are we.  

10-year-old me with Olympian Jill Johnson - the night that changed my life forever

10-year-old me with Olympian Jill Johnson - the night that changed my life forever

Storytelling holds the power to turn sparks into full blown flames – no matter what the arena. 

One conversation changed my life.  And the ripple effect continues.  

When we follow our dreams, we discover the magic that is within ourselves.  

And, when we honor that magic, we are free to SOAR. 

Samantha's Speaking Topics:

Stay in Your Lane: From Grassroots to Gold

Through the power of storytelling, Samantha brings you on a journey from a little girl wishing on a star - to the top of the Olympic podium - living proof that dreams DO come true.  In this presentation, Samantha shares openly about what it really looks like to go after a dreamHow it feels to stand atop the podium.  And WHY you don’t need to know all the HOWS before you begin chasing down a dream.  She cracks open her toolbox of skills that she acquired over the years – sharing her biggest takeaways and shedding light on which skills truly served her and which ones held her back. 

Audience: General. Students. Student-athletes. Athletes. Professional Organizations. Conferences.  

Get ready to quiet the noise and tap into what it is your really want.   Discover the magic that is already inside of you - and leave feeling empowered to take action toward your dreams - big and small.   

A Girl + A Dream: And. The Whole Story.

Authenticity + growth are the two values that Samantha holds out front - paving the way for an intimate and in-depth conversation on how perfectionism + comparison suck the joy out of the journey - even when we are chasing down our biggest dreams.  In this powerful and honest presentation, Samantha takes us with her to the top of the podium and down into the rubble of life without sport - just a mere two months after winning gold.  She's sifted through the rubble many times as she's successfully battled through an eating disorder, injury, depression, the transition to life without sport and PTSD - rising with strength and clarity every time.  She talks candidly about her struggle with perfectionism and comparison –the underlying current of her struggles - and how letting go of both ultimately led her to experience deeper joy and fulfillment – to live free, dream big and shine bright.

 With social media at our fingertips, it is easy to get swallowed up by the stories we tell ourselves.  It's easy to think that everyone has it all together - except for you.  In A Girl + A Dream: And. The Whole Story, Samantha provides you with tools that will help you challenge your limiting beliefs and edit the stories you tell yourself, redefine success and failure, and learn to embrace self-compassion and love – constructs that will build the foundation for resiliency in any arena.    

Audience: General. Students. Student-athletes. Athletes. Professional Organizations. Conferences.

Get ready to be inspired to step into your whole truth and empowered to break free from what's been holding you back, cracking open the door to deeper, lasting joy and freedom.

Unlocking Our Inner Magic: Living Free. Dreaming Big. Shining Bright. 

When the rules of our world come crashing down, we are left to sit in the rubble.  When life as we once knew it changes - we are left to wonder - who am I in this world?  Gold medal. Injury. Change in a relationship. New job. Trauma. Retired.  Parenthood.  Empty nest.  Some we see coming, some we don't.  There's really nothing that can fully prepare us for what we'll face - until we are actually sitting in the rubble of what once was.  Though - we can learn to ride the waves -we can learn how to surrender and let go - we can strengthen the trust we have in ourselves. To know that no matter what we are handed - we will find our way.  We will rise.   

In this thought-provoking discussion on sifting through the rubble, Samantha Livingstone helps you to identify the skills you've honed over your life and tap into what it is you really want - so that you can rise with clarity, and stand up a truer version of you. 

Audience: General. Students. Student-athletes. Athletes. Professional Organizations. Conferences.

Get ready to examine habits, labels and stories that may be keeping you stuck in the rubble.  Leave with an action plan that will empower you to rise with clarity - and set you free.