cultivating high-performance by honoring the whole athlete

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The WHOLE Athlete Initiative (WAI) is a holistic approach to cultivating high-performance by honoring the WHOLE athlete. The WAI supports the growth of all athletes by providing and/or bridging them to the appropriate resources to help them become brave, resilient, mindful athletes; achieve high-performance; feel fulfilled and positively cope with challenges.

Through our keynotes, workshops and small group Deep Dives, we provide customized programming to organizations, athletic departments and teams to equip athletes with the tools, skill set and supports to do the following:

  • expand emotional and attentional awareness + control the controllables

  • adopt a growth mindset + develop and expand rising skills

  • learn how to navigate feedback + own their choices

  • become compassionate, self-aware leaders

  • develop an identity beyond sport

  • develop a deep knowing that they can do hard things

Programming includes, but is not limited to, Mindful Sports Performance Enhancement (MSPE), culture building, leadership training and Athlete Wellness Initiatives.

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