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The WHOLE Athlete Initiative (The WAI) is a holistic approach to cultivating high-performance by honoring the WHOLE athlete. The WAI supports the growth of all athletes by providing and/or bridging them to the appropriate resources to help them become brave, resilient, mindful athletes; achieve high-performance; feel fulfilled and positively cope with challenges.


We provide consulting services and customized programming to organizations, athletic departments and teams, including the development + implementation of Athlete Wellness Initiatives to support the development of the WHOLE athlete.

Programming includes, but is not limited to, Mindful Sports Performance Enhancement (MSPE), culture building, leadership training and Athlete Wellness Initiatives.

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My name is Samantha Arsenault Livingstone


I am an Olympic gold medalist, high-performance consultant, mental performance coach, educator and speaker. And, I am a mom of four girls - and the founder of The WAI. 

Before stepping into the world of entrepreneurship, I was a classroom teacher. Six magical and hard years. I never planned on teaching - growing up, I wanted to be a doctor. All that changed when I was thrust into the darkness just two months after standing atop the Olympic podium at 18 years old. 

In the middle of my battle with depression, an eating disorder and a shoulder that needed surgery - my therapist sent me out on a homework assignment that changed my life: a mentorship program at a local elementary school. It seemed absurd - pouring into others when I felt broken. And. It was the very thing that allowed me to heal. Seeing the faces of those 18 beautiful souls, ignited a passion in me that had been buried. The wide-eyes. The aha moments. The shift in their energy when they could feel that you cared.

The ability to make an impact.


My first stop, Norcross High School - just outside of Atlanta, Georgia where I spent six years teaching science. I poured my heart and soul into 'my kids'- and I'm not sure who learned more - because those six years challenged me in ways I never expected. In heart warming ways - and heart wrenching ways. All of it true.

Turning in the keys to my classroom was one of the hardest things I've ever done. And, like I tell students all the time - we can do hard things. An amazing opportunity for my husband took us from Georgia to Massachusetts. I spent a few years at home with my girls before leaping into the world of entrepreneurship - my new classroom.

After a traumatic and perspective-shifting experience involving one of my daughters, I found myself in the darkness, again. A decade later - and still, I found strength in pouring into others. Because, in order to do this kind of work, I had to pour into myself. 

Five years of healing has landed me here. 

I've always felt a deep calling to connect with students. 

To inspire. Empower. Equip.

And help them walk to a place of deep knowing - reminding them, they are not alone in their struggle.



We empower athletes. 

To take ownership and accountability for their life.

To lead with intention.

To develop the metacognitive skills needed to identify + edit limiting beliefs that are holding them back. 

To navigate feedback - both giving and receiving.  

To cultivate the courage be who they are AND stay open to growth.

To see the greatness that is inside of themselves.

And, develop the rising skills to live their dreams.


We are going to face hard. Sometimes, brutal hard.

We can do hard. 

We can't control all the things that are thrown our way.

We CAN ALWAYS control how we respond.

When we have the tools, supports, skills and willingness to do hard things,

we soar. 


There’s a greatness that exists within each of us.

We have an obligation to help inspire, empower and equip our kids with the supports, structures and skill set they need to cultivate greatness while honoring their their WHOLE-selves.



{And. I know the demands, pulls and the expectations to do and be all things is real.}

Which is why I founded the WHOLE Athlete Initiative. 

WE’re STRONGER Together.

We know that organizations, coaches and parents are facing ever-increasing demands with ever-decreasing resources. We know each school / team / home has its unique challenges, including the rise of anxiety, depression, self-harm and other mental health issues. 

We'll connect - and talk about the biggest challenges you’re facing.

Then, we'll work together to create a program that meets your needs and equips all athletes with the awareness and emotional resilience they need to achieve AND feel fulfilled.

Ready to bring The WAI to your school or organization? Click here to connect!


The Whole athlete initiative


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As parents / educators / coaches, we can't control all things,

but we CAN empower.

We can teach courage and compassion. 

We can strengthen resilience. 

We can do hard things. And so can they.