Mindset Shift: Magical Gifts

"Stay open for signs from the Universe, and show up for the assignments that are brought to you." 
-Gabrielle Bernstein

YES. This. So much this. Universe, I'm ready. I see you. I feel you. And I'm ready. 
For the past three months I've been taking ACTION behind the scenes. Listening intently to those sweet, soul-tugging pulls. Digging in with my coaches. And honoring the time and space needed to bring to LIGHT a dream of mine.
And. When we take that step - when we start to live BIG - when we JUMP IN - we will be presented with magical gifts that don't always feel so magical when they appear. The kind of gifts that hit you right in the gut. The hard kind.
And. When we chose to see them as GIFTS - as assignments from the Universe - we have the choice: lead with fear or lead with love.
Even though it's hard at times - chose love. Because, well, we can do hard things. ️
P.S. I swear this crystal has magic powers!! It's my first one and I LOVE it.