The Journey You Can't See

This crazy crew + the one you can't see = total rockstars today. Last minute change of plans today - from hockey and hanging out with daddy (who is stuck in TN) to schlepping out of bed early to go on a four-hour-round-trip road trip with me today.
Today was the first time I shared pieces of my coaching journey on stage.
Three years ago I was surviving - living most of my days in a triggered state. I honestly don't remember much from that January beyond the round-the-clock compound meds. We were fresh off of Mia's discharge from Children's. And far from being in the clear.
Many people don't know that I was already a 'coach' with Beachbody - I had signed up about a month before Mia's open heart surgery. For a discount on products I loved. I had no intention to share or run a business.
Looking back, I believe the Universe nudged me to take that leap. It was one of those soul tugging pulls that didn't really make sense to me at the time. And I listened anyway. And then prepared like hell for her surgery. What I didn't realize is that there is no preparing for what happened.
For those of you who don't know, M went in for a routine ASD closure and mitral valve repair. Her surgery went well. And. She went into heart failure the next morning, and I was bedside. My trauma stems from this moment - and the days of uncertainty that followed. At the time, I didn't know that ECMO was even a thing - let alone the medical device that would save her life.
Her heart began to heal. Miraculously. And after 41 days, she came home.
On the other side of what was the most difficult and intense moment(s) of my life, I had a tribe holding space for me. They welcomed me with open arms and love, reminding me daily to take care of myself. To nourish. To move. To be kind to me. It was exactly what I needed.
Over the course of the past three years, this tribe has walked alongside of me through some seriously tough shit. The workouts and nutrition tools have been the catalyst for physical change, no doubt. Regaining my level of fitness post twins, healing my IBS, keeping my PCOS completely at bay, helping to shed 80+ lbs, and now again as I work to grow stronger after baby number 4...
The workouts gave (and still give) me an outlet to pour into when I'm triggered. My team gives me a safe space to grow - to fully step in to my life. And they motivate and push me and inspire me daily. The people I've met because of this journey have changed my life.
Especially Mike Mullaly. The summer that I decided to share and dive into this coaching journey, I watched him stand on stage and tell his story. Though the details were different, he was telling my story. He is a hero - and courageously and honorably served our country. And he's learned how to find joy living with PTSD. Watching him and listening to his story gave me hope.
Two and a half years later, we shared a stage. This morning I shared a bit about my journey - and how this coaching journey has been the vehicle that has helped me to find FREEDOM and BALANCE and PURE JOY. 
My team. The shared vision. The courage of those around me. The focus on personal growth. This. This environment allowed me to grow in ways I never knew possible.
This journey we are on is about so much more than inches and lbs. Those pieces matter. And so does our mental health. Without that last piece, life doesn't feel as good as it could.
We all have shit. And we are all so capable of diving in, working through it, and learning how to cope.
What I've learned... The shit doesn't disappear. We just get stronger. We add new skills to our tool kit. We CAN do hard things.
And we don't have to do it alone.
Today I shared. Trauma didn't lead the conversation. That is progress. That is progress that can never be measured.
Now, we just need daddy's flight to get off the ground!!