Start Fresh

Tossing it back tonight - to where it all began, a little a month after coming home from M's open-heart surgery.

In a way, it was a time of crisis for me.  

The word crisis means "to sift"  - and as Glennon Doyle Melton shares - it's a opportunity to let the excess fall away - a time to discover the treasures that remain... 

I felt the sifting in all areas of my life - especially my physical - mental - emotional - and spiritual health.  And.  Our financial health.  

When I was pregnant with K, I was offered a dream job - to work with a population of students who have a sacred space in my heart.  It would have been a big step up financially and would have blown open the door of opportunity for my career in education.  

I turned it down. 

Deep in my bones, I knew I wanted to be at home with the beautiful soul I could feel moving around in my belly.  Financially, I had no idea how that could ever happen given our current careers.  I just knew that taking on more responsibilities would have pulled me away from what I wanted most.  

A year later hubs was offered a job that brought me home - to MA and to be with our little girl.  Then came twins. And M's surgery.  And the sifting... 

I knew I wanted to be at home - and at this point, with three girls under 3 and one with a serious medical issue - I didn't have a choice.  

I also knew that I HATED the feeling of barely getting-by financially.  We were on a tight budget - the surprise of twins kicked it up a notch - and then came compounded stress is suffocating.  I was ready to live FREE. 

Within a few weeks, I was on the phone with a former teammate of mine. I had been watching her share her story - how she resigned from teaching to be home with her girls.  By helping people live healthier, more fulfilling lives.  I needed to hear more.  

I jumped. Within the first month, I had more than covered the cost of M's heart meds.  Next up for me was a family vacation.  Through the sifting, I KNEW I wanted to create memories with our girls.  I booked a trip to Nantucket and vowed to hubs that I would pay for it in cash.  By helping people. 

My teacher soul IGNITED.  I started to build my tribe.  My own journey of physical + emotional healing in full force.  AND.  I felt empowered.  I was running my own business. And I kind of liked it. 

Within two years, my income was enough to help us buy a home - more than a year earlier than we planned.  Pouring into me + reaching out my hand to help others do the same.  

I'm on pace to surpass my teaching salary by the end of this third year.  Living a life by design - with my girls front and center. Doing work that is aligned with my soul. 

I feel compelled to share - despite the Inner Critic making noise in the back seat - because if my friend hadn't shared with me, I wouldn't be right here.  I am forever grateful for her courage to be vulnerable - her courage fuels mine.  

I don't know if this business is a good fit for you - what I do know - it's been a blessing for me.  An honor, really.  And. I can't keep your future captive in my mouth.  If you are curious or want to learn more - shoot me a message.  I would love to pay it forward.