The Magic of Asking Why Not?

Decided to throw a run/walk in the mix today because #whynot!! 

Why not?? Because I've been down the path of hard core rule follower.  For me, following the rules was 100% about perfection - driven by 'what would people think?'

{ Like the frantic cleaning of my house before visitors. Guilty.  Completely driven by the fear of being 'found out'... say whaaat? #truth  #itsnotevenarule } 

When the armor came off, I started questioning my motivation.  Was the choice what I really wanted - or was I driven by the fear of what others would think? 

And who were these others? Were they on my 1x1 sheet of paper - a list of people who's opinions I value and trust - people who are IN the arena with me, being brave and living authentically? Or on the outside casting judgement? 

Here's the thing... 

When I look back at all the times I have knocked out BIG goals - there is a theme that emerges: rule breaking and adaptability AND trusting and knowing.  Knowing that there is no 'right way.' 

My trips to the top have been full of twists and turns and times when I needed to make major pivots.  Driven by healthy striving - not perfection. 

Perfection paralyzes.  It sucks the joy out of the journey.  It keeps us small. 

Shed the armor!! And if you need help along the way - because, it's a daily choice! - reach out and connect with me. 

So, cheers!! To tuning in and trusting in YOU. To knowing that there is no such thing as one right way.