a girl + a dream


a girl + a dream. 

on a mission - to know what it felt like to be on top of that podium. 

to hear her national anthem play. 

to watch her flag rise high above the natatorium. 

to hold a gold medal.  

a girl + a dream. 

relentlessly driving.  pushing.  

chasing down a dream. 

a girl + a dream. 

now reality. 

all those hours. weeks. months. years. 

all the sacrifice. 

the tribe behind her. 

intense pride wearing the red, white and blue. 

humbled to be part of the legacy. 

moved to tears by the unconditional love.  

ecstatic to have reached the pinnacle of her sport. 

a girl + a dream. 



is this it?

what’s next?

who am I?

the relentless driving. pushing. chasing. 

always gunning for the next. big. thing. 

head down. 

locked in. 

never enough. 

a girl + a dream. 

when the celebrations faded. 

the inner critic grew loud. 

the healthy striving morphed. 

into perfectionism. 

who am I underneath all of this?

what would they think? 

if they only knew. 

THIS moment is the one I am asked about the most.  What did it FEEL like to stand up on that podium? 

I’ve been sharing my story for the last 16 years – and everything I’ve shared has come straight from my heart – my truths.  


There were parts I didn’t share.  

The inner critic was on top of that podium with me that night in Sydney – telling me I wasn’t fast enough, fit enough, strong enough.  It’s taken me years to understand and embrace that ALL the parts are my truth.  AND is a powerful word.  A place where beauty and pain can coexist.  This podium moment was one of the most beautiful and brutal moments of my life. Brutiful, as Glennon likes to say. 

a girl + a dream come true.  

a beautiful moment. 


a brutal one too. 

At some point along my journey, my innate DRIVE to be the best got entangled with perfectionism.   Years later, I now understand the difference between healthy striving and perfectionism.  They are not the same.  

Healthy striving fuels us – and it carries us to our goal.  It’s self-focused.  Perfectionism is toxic – and it knows no boundaries.  Fueled by fear – and 'what will others think?’

To quote my favorite- Brené Brown - perfectionism at it’s core is“a self destructive and addictive belief system that fuels this primary thought: If I look perfect, and do everything perfectly, I can avoid or minimize the painful feelings of shame, judgment, and blame.” 

With perfectionism driving, you can never win. 

Not even when you stand atop the podium with a gold medal around your neck. 


Over the last three years, I have released the stranglehold of perfection - and set myself FREE.  I've acquired a skill set that has allowed me to stand firmly in my feet.  I no longer live my days stuck in my head.  ✨

When we are able to FREE ourselves from the heavy armor of perfection – when we are able tease out healthy striving – we blow the door wide open – to a space of DEEPER JOY.  To a place where we find the courage to show up – and be seen. 

Our WHOLE selves.  

If perfectionism has found its way into your life – and you are ready to untangle the mess – shed the armor and set yourself free, I would love for you to join me in my six-week virtual workshop: Live FREE - Letting Go of Perfection.  We start on April 17th. 

Through the six-week course, we will learn to walk away from

-perfectionism, and the paralyzing fear that keeps us from our dreams. 

-comparison, and the never enough. 

-exhaustion as a status, and the irritability and resentment. 

-productivity as a measure of self-worth, and the all-in or not-in. 

-need for certainty, and the need to numb. 

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