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I see you over there trying to figure out how you're going to fit one more thing into your day. Wondering if this challenge will empower you or become just one more thing you need to do.

I get it. I really do.

As a mother of four little, wife to a coach and entrepreneur - and recovering perfectionist, the to-do's can be so overwhelming. It's real. And so are the pulls to do + be all the things.

I'm not sure if this I AM Challenge is the Next Best Step for you. And. I also trust that there's a reason you're here, reading these words.

I know time is our most precious resource. I also know that time spent on nourishing + nurturing YOU is never wasted. And it's the furthest thing from selfish.

What do you say? Over the course of 5 days, I'll send you one email per day with a link to a short (under 10 min) video with yours truly sharing + coaching. Included in the email will be downloadable PDF for you to print out and use as we work through this challenge together.

The exercise comes from a 'homework' assignment my therapist gave to me when I was navigating my way through the darkness of depression, injury and an eating disorder just a few months after winning a gold medal in the Sydney Olympics. I'm sharing it with you because it's one of my go-to's all these years later, especially as I navigate my way through motherhood + working motherhood + entrepreneurship.

I'm grateful you're here. Truly. And I'd love for you to link arms with me in this way.

You ready?

Let's do this.


One more thing...

I don't do strings, so you don't have to worry about being blasted with sales pitches at the end of the challenge (that never feels good to me). I do invite you into my new course and offer you another gift at the end of this challenge - as a way of saying THANK YOU for showing up. Because I believe reflection + personal growth + honoring our mental health is our collective work.

Honoring transparency, signing up for the challenge will subscribe you to my email list. I email when I feel pulled to share + connect which is usually 1 - 2 times per month. If it doesn't resonate, you can always unsubscribe with no judgement on this end.

The story behind the challenge...

My name is samantha arsenault livingstone


I’m the mother of four girls, wife to my best friend, forever athlete, recovering perfectionist and survivor of so many things trying to pay forward all I’ve learned about achievement, success and rising from failure.

My fancier title is Olympic gold medalist, high-performance consultant, mental performance coach, speaker, mental health advocate and educator.

I know what it feels like to achieve and still feel the weight of not being good enough.

At 18 years old, I accomplished my childhood dream of becoming an the best in the world.

And, I was completely unprepared for what came next.

Less than two months after winning gold in the Sydney Olympics, I  found myself in the depths of the darkness that is depression, an eating disorder, suicidal ideation - battling through an injured shoulder that needed surgery.

Buried under the weight of this new title of Olympic Gold Medalist - angry that it hadn't protected me from pain - feeling like I was going to be found out; there was no way I was asking for help. 

Because, to my 19 year old self, asking for help meant I couldn't do it all on my own - proof that I was an imposter.

Fortunately, and amazingly - because of how hard I tried to hide it, my college coach saw my struggle and sent me to the office of Greg Harden. The man who saved my life

In our work together, we  unearthed beliefs that were blocking me from internalizing my successes and from feeling joy. He mirrored back the light inside of me, unfiltered and free from distortion. He challenged me + pushed me + pissed me off.

And together, we worked through to the other side. I finished my career happier and healthier than I had ever been - and faster too, all the while  generating greater awareness of who I was beyond my achievements + who I wanted to become.

Work I couldn't have done alone.

It truly takes a village.

This I AM challenge is an adapted version of one of the homework assignments he assigned to me.

At 19 years old, in my climb out of the darkness - I declared on this homework assignment given to me by my mentor, G:

“I will be one who is so comfortable with themselves that they can reach out and sincerely help others who struggle with the same problems as I do right now.”



And, I'd love to work with you. To receive your free gift + access into the I AM CHALLENGE space, drop your name + email into the form above.

I’m excited to become part of your village.

You ready?

Written by my 7 yo daughter

Written by my 7 yo daughter

support. Accountability. Connection.

Becoming the best version of me.

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