And yet, culturally, we associate emotions with words like crazy, unhinged, dramatic, soft and weak.

Women are too emotional. Men aren’t allowed to feel. And so, we numb + bury. We judge + blame. We shout + shut down.

When we start to feel big emotions, we run.

All this running is exhausting. Not only that, it’s blocking us from joy. And it’s hurting our kids.

When we don’t have the skills to sit with pain, it’s unbearable to hold space when our kids fall + fail + feel big feelings. Which is why so many of us pad + plow + accommodate.

We’re not wrong or bad. We’re simply doing the best we can - trying to help our kids.

We’ll do anything to protect them from feeling emotional pain.

The thing is, while our actions might prevent our kids from feeling pain now - it’s hurting them long term. In big ways. With a cost that’s too high.

If we’re not holding space and allowing them to fall or fail or feel big feelings in low-risk situations, we’re robbing them of opportunities to learn HOW to rise. I know how hard it is as a mother + educator + coach. I really do.

And. I also know that not giving them this space to learn and grow comes with a dangerously high cost.

We are in the midst of a mental health crisis.

The rates of anxiety, depression, loneliness and suicide in our young adults continue to climb.

Coaches and educators are facing ever-increasing demands with ever-decreasing resources. Parents, particularly working mothers, are living on the edge of burnout trying to make ends meet. Even those of us who look like we’ve got it all together on the outside.

I’m not saying this is the sole solution. Strengthening our emotional agility is ONE way. A really important, critical way we can help take proactive steps to help our kids thrive when, not if, they’re faced with adversity. And, help ourselves too.

Helping our kids to cultivate the foundational skills to navigate struggle, turn toward anxiety and take aligned action in the face of fear is HARD WORK.

It’s work we must do. Especially for our children.

To do so, we’ve gotta walk the walk first.

We can do hard things. Especially this kind. Let’s go!

“You speak in familiar terms that resonate and I can relate to. Your approach ‘feels like home’ - it is familiar and it is comfortable.”

- forever athlete, mother of two, guidance counselor, trauma survivor

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To strengthen our emotional agility

And I’ve got you.

For the past five years, I’ve been studying perfectionism, achievement, failure, shame, resilience and their connection to mental health and high-performance. All of it has led me here.

I’ve woven together my experience as an Olympic Gold Medalist, classroom teacher, high-performance consultant and mental performance coach - and as someone who’s learned how to positively cope with many shades of mental illness to create the transformative experience that is Ride the Wave (RTW).

Ride the Wave: A Bootcamp to Strengthen Our Emotional Agility is an online course designed for parents, coaches, teachers, athletes, leaders and mentors.

RTW is a three-week, six-module online course with live community support, customized deep dives, mini-challenges and a private community space to connect, share, lift and support others.

In other words, I'm going to help you learn how to notice + feel the sensations in your body and move toward the tools that help YOU ride the wave so you can empower those you lead to do the same. You’ll be connected to other courageous leaders. And I’ll be there guiding you the entire time.

Let's do this.

“Seeing how many disparate emotional experiences can be tied together with agility and mindfulness training. Feeling like some of the fundamentals, such as self-compassion and aligned action can be learned. Recognizing that these are necessary parts of mental health that even children should be versed in.”

- mother of two, heart warrior

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As humans we are going to face struggle.

We’re going to make mistakes. We’re going to be thrown curveballs.

We will fall. And we will feel big emotions.

Our power is in our ability to navigate our internal world, our thoughts + emotions;

Our power is in our response.

Instead of reacting our way through life, we can shift to a place of conscious responding.


My name is Samantha Arsenault Livingstone.

USA SWim Convention 2018 (6).png

I’m an Olympic gold medalist, high-performance consultant, mental performance coach, speaker, forever educator - and mother of four, including multiples.

I know what it’s like to achieve. And. I know what it’s like to rail against the parts of me that felt broken.

Healing through the pain of mental illness has allowed me to come home to myself.

I feel WHOLE.

Moving through struggle, especially the struggle that is our own story, is HARD.

And, it's the very hard that sets us free.

“I learned that I was full of compassion and empathy for others and rarely share that with myself. I knew it already, but it was brought to the forefront more in doing the work in this course.”

-mother of two, educator, recovering perfectionist


learning how to navigate our internal world

Is a skill set that serves ALL of us, especially our most at-risk to mental illness.

Expanding our emotional literacy leads to greater emotional awareness, which allows for greater emotional regulation.

Strengthening Our Emotional Agility

  • increases access to flow state, aka the ability to get in the zone

  • helps us unhook from intense emotion + rise faster after we fall

  • strengthens our ability to give and receive feedback

  • opens space for deeper connection to others

And yet, many of us have never been taught how to tune in to the emotions we feel, accurately name them and move toward tools that empower us to ride the wave of energy flowing through our bodies.

Simply put - in the words of my eight year-old daughter, we’ve never learned how to surf.

We pour time + energy + resources into training our physical bodies. Why not our minds?

It’s time. Let’s go.

“I learned that I get into zones where I’d rather not be when I’ve not been voicing what I need or when I’ve been pushing down my emotions about a particular thing, and then a smallish thing pushes me over the limit.”

-forever athlete, mother, lawyer, entrepreneur, advocate for children with disabilities

What if…

We gave ourselves permission to feel the physical sensations underneath the emotion?

Instead of categorizing our feelings as good or bad, we allowed ourselves to name them without judgement?

Instead of running, burying, deflecting, blaming, plowing, etc. we allowed ourselves to feel the wave move through us?

What if we gave ourselves permission to cultivate the skills + identify the tools + bring in the supports that allow us to ride the wave in a way that’s authentically aligned?

If we want our kids to become more mindful, resilient courageous humans, we have to give them permission to fall and feel so they can learn HOW to rise.

And, it starts with us.


My name is Samantha Arsenault Livingstone.

I'm the wife to my best friend, mama to 4 amazing babes, 
an Olympic gold medalist, high performance consultant, mental performance
coach, transformational speaker, forever athlete & survivor of so many things.

My soul mission is to share what I've learned along the way
and to inspire those who are ready for more.

You ready? Let's go.

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It's time to harness the energy of your emotions to make them work for you. 

And I'll tell you a little secret - it’s not about trying harder. You’ve got that part down.

This is about embracing help. Quieting the noise inside your mind. Expanding your skill set. Gaining clarity on what it is you really want. Stepping into the discomfort necessary to make the shifts.

And cultivating the courage and resilience to go and DO it.


ARe you readY?

It's time. 

To choose curiosity over judgement.

To shift off autopilot.

To respond with intention and less reactivity.

To improve your ability to provide + receive feedback.

To cultivate compassion. For yourself + others.

To improve communication and open space for deeper connection.

To become more empathetic and less of a fixer.

To improve performance and feel fulfilled.

  I've got you.

{this isn't work we do alone}

“I am grateful that I somehow stumbled across your website and signed up for emails. Even more grateful that you offered [this] course and shared your experiences with us. I don’t think it was chance and me being a swim coach/former swimmer because it couldn’t have worked out better for me to grow as a coach, parent and husband.”

-forever athlete, father, coach

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Module 1

Noticing, Without Judgement

Module 2

Embracing Our Humanness


Module 3

From Reactors to Responders + Bonus module on Pathways to Anxiety


Module 4

Navigating the Hard

Module 5

Choosing Aligned Action

Module 6

Empathy. Shame. And Snowplow Parenting. 


Ride the wave: A bootcamp

to strengthen our emotional agility

Included in this three week course:

Customized Content

- 6 teaching modules with my top tools + tips + strategies 

- 6 customized Deep Dives for reflection and skill building

- 6 mini challenges

- bonus module on the Pathways to Anxiety


- access to private community space to connect + collaborate


Words from those who’ve taken the course:


“I learned that I’m being way too hard on myself because I didn’t understand how to process and deal with the emotions I was feeling. The exercise/tool that helped me the most was the ZOR chart. Something clicked when I went through it and see myself on the continuum of colors so clearly that I had to laugh.”

- forever athlete, father, coach

“I learned that I’ve come so far since we’ve been working together.”

- Team USA Athlete, recovering perfectionist

“I know I like order and I thought that was one of my core values, but I think it’s more of a coping mechanism than a value because without order ‘my world may fall apart’ (like if I don’t make my bed) so I need to shed that as a value and treat it for what it is and lovingly accept that it’s a coping mechanism but it’s also keeping me from experiencing joy.”

- forever athlete, mother of two, guidance counselor, trauma survivor

“I learned so much! The embedded questionnaire on self-compassion helped me do a check in on myself. My inner critic underlines so much emotional turmoil leading to stuckness, not agility.”

- mother of two, heart warrior


As parents / teachers / coaches / mentors we are impacting our children in the most profound ways.

We're not going to nail it perfectly; there are going to be times when we show up out of alignment with our values. Because, we're human.

When we give ourselves permission to be human, we open up space for kindness + curiosity + conscious choice. And that changes how we show up. For ourselves + our children. 


It’s time.

It's time to open up our toolboxes and toss what's no longer working.

It's time to ask for help in the places + spaces we feel struggle and resistance. 

It's time to pull in some new tools and supports that feel aligned with our true-selves. Tools that work for us long term. 

And THIS process - of honest reflection and ownership and realignment requires a willingness to sit with the discomfort of vulnerability. We can do that.

And by doing that, we show our kids that our power isn't in what happens to us, it's in our response. 

You ready? Let’s go.

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“We cannot selectively numb emotions, when we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions.” -Dr. Brené Brown 


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