The Leap, Not the Landing


If this isn't synchronicity at its best, I'm not sure what is...

This nugget from Martha Beck was sitting in my inbox all day yesterday, forwarded to me by a friend ~ and I had no idea until I checked my email late last night:

"Every big move forward is a leap of faith. We can’t know if the ground on the other side will hold us. The only power we have is to trust our instincts and launch ourselves into space."

The timing was everything. 

I've taken many leaps in my life - and every.single.time it feels like a free fall.  Vulnerability city - putting myself out there to be seen.  Opening myself up.  Going for it with no guarantee of where I'll land.

I used to think that my success was determined by my landing - where my fall took me... the podium moments.

Here's what I know to be true: Success is in the leaping, not in the landing. 

When we quiet the noise of our outer + inner worlds ~ we can hear the whispers of our soul-tugging pulls.

When we honor those pulls, we leap.  And when we leap, we honor those pulls.  Both are true.

The discomfort - that IS the magic - that's LIVING - that is a sign that you are stepping into the truest version of YOU.

So, as I curled up into bed last night after going LIVE and sharing my website - completely out there for the world to see - my heart was smiling so big.

~ Trusting and honoring me - all of me. ~

Where in your life do you feel these small tugs?  What would it mean if you could let go of all the shoulds ~ and leap?